The little oil zapper is called OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel and you can get it here. It’s actually been around for years, but Dr. Jessica Wu, an L.A. dermatologist who treats a bunch of famous Hollywood peeps, just put me onto it. Dr. Wu told me that she recommends it to her celebrity clients all the time because it’s better for the skin than piling on layers of powder (imagine how gross and cakey that would get under hot lights). Obviously, I don’t have to worry about flashing cameras, but my oily skin usually starts looking too shiny by noon. So annoying. OC Eight took care of all that – I put on a little bit over my moisturizer and did not see even the teensiest bit of shine for the rest of the day.
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A perfect matte finish. No shine to highlight any redness or blemishes. It’s refreshing to be blinded by OC8’s science rather than the glare from our forehead.
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I receive a lot of e-mail each week from women asking me how to control oil and shine. For many of us powder and blotting papers just aren’t enough. Often times women feel like their makeup “disappears” throughout the day. So what do you do to battle the greasies? Try the new OC Eight Mattifying Gel. This breakthrough product will put you in control of facial shine. I am constantly smearing on new products sent to me with all sorts of claims, but I really only share with you the very best. OC Eight truly works and it is easy to use.
Carmindy’s Newsletter, Volume 11