Itching describes any sensation that provokes the desire to scratch. Itching can be a significant source of frustration and discomfort for patients. When severe, it can lead to loss of sleep, anxiety, and depression. When looking for ways to stop itchy skin it is important to recognize the source of the problem. There are many skin diseases like urticaria (hives), varicella (chicken pox), and eczema, which may have itching associated with a rash. Mild to moderate itching can be triggered by household irritants such as harsh cleansers, mold, and pillows or by natural environmental irritants like insect bites, pollen from ragweed or other plants, and dry climates.

Itchy skin relief may come from making some simple lifestyle adjustments such as using milder laundry detergents or washing your hands after coming in contact with pollen. Even the family pet can introduce pollen into the home after a walk outdoors during periods of seasonal allergy.