Photo Damage

Photo damage describes the deterioration of sun-exposed skin. Everyday, people are exposed to the effects of the sun, even in the fall or winter and on cloudy days. This is because there are different types of UV rays that can damage the skin. UVB rays are most prevalent in the summer while UVA rays remain relatively consistent all year round.

The result of over-exposure can include:

  • Advanced aging or wrinkling
  • Roughness or altered texture of skin
  • Irregular pigmentation
  • Decrease in collagen
  • Rough or scaly patches
  • Freckles and age spots
  • Thinned or fragile skin
  • Skin Cancer

These changes most frequently occur on areas of chronic exposure including the face, ears, neck, backs of the hands, chest, arms and legs.

It is important to see a Dermatologist annually to assess the health of your skin and the effects of any photo-damage you may have experienced in your lifetime.