Debunking Myths about Maturing Skin with DerMend®

Think you’ve got all the facts about your aging skin? Think again. It turns out that much of what we’ve been told about aging is a fallacy or based on old wives’ tales. Let DerMend® and dermatologist, Helen Torok, MD, debunk common myths about aging and provide some tips for early intervention to help keep skin looking and feeling its best throughout the years.

  • Myth: Everyone’s skin ages at the same pace.
    • Truth: According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, some people are naturally biologically older and age faster than others, despite being the same chronological age.1 Whatever rate your body matures, aging is inevitable. Therefore, it is important to use skincare products designed to help skin keep pace with the years, like DerMend® Mature Skin Solutions – a line of three dermatologist-recommended products designed to specifically address the unique skin conditions associated with aging.
  • Myth: The pricier the product, the better the results.
    • Truth: The cost of a product does not determine its effectiveness, rather it is the ingredients that are in the formula.2 Dr. Torok advises to look for wallet-friendly products in your local drugstore containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and ceramides which are key in treating problems relating to aging skin. Dr. Torok recommends DerMend® Moisturizing Bruise Formula ($29.99, 4.5oz) and DerMend® Fragile Skin Moisturizing Formula ($29.99, 4.5oz), both of which are formulated using a combination of these ingredients.
  • Myth: Diet has nothing to do with the rate at which our skin ages.
    • Truth: Eating foods with a high glycemic index like white bread, pasta and potatoes cause the formation of AGEPs (Advanced Glycation End Products). AGEPs can cause collagen and elastin to become stiff and less springy, leading to sagging skin which ages your appearance.3 Limit the amount of AGEP-inducing foods you eat to keep your skin looking plump and fresh.
  • Myth: 80 percent of sun damage occurs before age 18, so sun protection at a later age is not as crucial.
    • Truth: According to a 2003 study, you receive just 25 percent of total sun exposure by age 18.4 “While it’s true that melanoma is closely linked to childhood sunburns, sun exposure throughout your lifetime can cause other types of skin cancers, in addition to wrinkles, thinning skin, dark spots and broken capillary veins,” according to Dr. Torok. Therefore, it is important to take the proper measures to protect skin from the sun at all ages.

So, now that you have some key facts about maturing skin, take these necessary steps, in conjunction with DerMend® Mature Skin Solutions products, to help maintain beautiful, youthful-looking skin!

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