Dry Skin


Dry skin can occur at any age and for many reasons. Skin becomes dry when it loses too much water. This is why skin generally becomes drier as we age, during the winter, and in low-humidity climates. If you have dry skin, you’re likely to experience a feeling of skin tightness, especially after showering, bathing, or swimming. Your skin may appear shrunken or dehydrated, and may feel itchy and look rough rather than smooth. Sometimes, itching can be intense, leading to redness. Your skin may flake, scale, or peel and show fine lines or cracks.

There are many dry skin lotions and dry skin creams that can help when used several times daily, especially after bathing or washing ones hands. However, dry skin may be the result of a condition such as eczema. Consulting with a dermatologist to learn how to treat dry skin may be helpful if conventional products don’t seem to help.