Business Partnerships

“For relationships you can trust, with the flexibility to execute”


Ferndale Healthcare® is expert at carving out niche markets for specialty brand name products, as well as for successfully managing and marketing products throughout their life cycle. We have developed a reputation for providing premium products that deliver unique benefits.


Partnerships are an integral part of our success and fundamental to everything we do. Our history and our strategy continue to prove that by working together with partners, we can deliver healthcare therapies that help people with a variety of dermatologic and anorectal conditions. When you partner with Ferndale Healthcare® you open a portal to extensive industry experience, flexibility, fast results, and exceptional commitment.

When contacting us, potential partners will find a receptive, responsive, and resourceful management team. We pride ourselves on analyzing the scope of work and producing results in an expeditious fashion. We are a valued promotional partner. We offer a fully integrated and flexible outside sales force, as well as an internal customer service team to maximize sales.

What We Look For

We welcome contact by a wide range of partners, in all phases of scientific and technical development. We are actively looking to expand our portfolio of product offerings and development projects through in-licensing, acquisition, life cycle management, and co-promotion.

Ferndale Healthcare® brings a unique capability to our potential partners. We LISTEN. We know what we can bring to the table, but believe that the best results occur when we truly understand what a potential partner is expecting to accomplish. Our work is not formulaic, rather it is developed so that everyone’s best interest is considered. Collaboration is the key. In the end it is how we provide genuine value for partners, healthcare providers and their patients. Together, we will explore ways in which we can work together to advance the goals of each of our respective organizations. We are committed to ensuring that open communication, transparency and flexibility are at the core of every partnership. We welcome your inquiries to explore opportunities.


When you partner with Ferndale Healthcare®, you gain extensive industry experience and exceptional commitment from a specialty healthcare company focused on helping patients lead healthier lives.


Proven experts at carving out niche markets for specialty brand name products, Ferndale Healthcare® has developed a reputation for providing premium products that deliver unique benefits. Ferndale Healthcare® has an in-depth understanding of unmet market needs and potential product benefits, along with the ability to manage products through their life cycle. Our track record of successful partnerships includes:

  • Astellas Pharma Europe B.V.
  • BioZone Scientific International, Inc.
  • Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Perrigo Company
  • Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Partnership Submission Form

Our management team has substantial experience in completing transactions in a timely and collaborative manner, to the benefit of both parties. We are actively seeking new partnership opportunities ranging from in-and-out licensing, acquisition transactions, distribution, and co-promotion agreements. If you have an interest in collaboration or partnership, please complete the Submission Form.