Case Studies

We Grow Brands


Locoid® (hydrocortisone butyrate, 0.1%)

Locoid® brand (Rx) topical products were available in the US marketplace prior to their promotion by Ferndale Laboratories. They had a limited presence/market share in dermatology.

Ferndale Laboratories licensed the Locoid brand from Astellas and began promotion with a dedicated field sales team in 1998. With successes in sales and market share gains, Ferndale Laboratories added territories to its deployment and further established Locoid as a strong brand within the dermatology community. This set the stage for the introduction of Locoid Lipocream® Cream, a line extension with a unique emollient base.

Ferndale Laboratories’ aligned sales and marketing teams combined efforts of field promotion, along with strong KOL leadership on a national stage, to establish brand equity and trust. The result: Locoid Lipocream®  Cream was the #1 branded mid-potent steroid in the US for several years.

In establishing Locoid Lipocream as a top dermatology product, Ferndale Laboratories also recognized the value of the emollient base itself and launched other products based on the Hydrolipid Technology of the lipocream base. Ferndale Laboratories launched Eletone® Cream in 2007 and Pramosone E Cream in 2010.

Due to its success, the Locoid brand was sold by Ferndale Laboratories in 2007. In similar fashion, Eletone’s success in dermatology led to its sale in 2011. Ferndale Healthcare® continues to promote to dermatologists and maintains our presence, visibility and commitment to the specialty.


We evolve products to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers…


Analpram HC® (hydrocortisone acetate and pramoxine HCI)

Analpram HC® (Rx) has been available from Ferndale Healthcare® for decades and has long been a trusted standard of care by colon rectal surgeons and gastroenterologists when managing hemorrhoids. Our expertise in brand extension, lifecycle management and evolution of a brand is evident with this family of products.

Analpram HC Singles (2006) and Analpram E®  Kits (2009) were launched to meet the therapeutic requirements of patients and providers with a more hygienic portable presentation. Analpram E Kits also introduced Prax® Medicated Wipes to the marketplace as a component of the Analpram E Kits. (Prax Wipes were subsequently launched as a stand-alone OTC product by Ferndale Healthcare® in 2012 based on patient and clinician demand.)

The true evolution of the Analpram HC® brand was marked by the launch of Analpram Advanced® Kits in 2011. Analpram Advanced® Kits contain Vasculera® Tablets, a medical food for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes of chronic venous insufficiency, in addition to Analpram HC Cream and Aloe Clean® cleansing wipes. This innovative product was the result of a strategic collaboration with Primus Pharmaceuticals.

Due to its success, the Analpram HC branded products were sold to Sebela International LLC in 2013.

In addition to our experience and expertise in the management of benign anorectal disorders and within this area of medicine, Ferndale Healthcare® is a longtime supporter of ASCRS, the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons.


We extend the “life” of products


Condylox® Gel (Podofilox) 

While actively calling on dermatologists with two core prescription dermatology brands (Locoid Lipocream® and Pramosone®), we recognized our capacity for an additional niche dermatology product to round out our promotional portfolio. In 2005, Ferndale Laboratories began promoting Condylox® Gel as a co-promotion with Watson Laboratories. This product was relatively late in its lifecycle and Ferndale Laboratories provided the expertise and call capacity in dermatology that met the needs of this partner.


AloeClean® and Vasculera® are registered trademarks of Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Condylox® is a registered trademark of Watson Laboratories, Inc.

Locoid Lipocream® is a registered trademark of Precision Dermatology, Inc.