OC8 in the Media

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel has received national media coverage thanks in large part to a strong reputation with professionals.

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel has been profiled in national magazines and beauty blogs, like www.youbeauty.com, and used on popular television shows, including American Idol:

“When I used OC Eight on American Idol, I was amazed by how great the contestants’ skin looked on film. OC Eight works like nothing I’ve used before. After using OC Eight on the contestants, I noticed they needed fewer touch-ups to their make-up between takes.” Mezghan (American Idol Makeup Artist)

The Glee Project:

“OC Eight is a MUST for any makeup artist. I always have it in my kit. OC Eight is an anti-shine gel that is both soothing to the skin, and has the ability to matte the skin like no other product that I have found. OC Eight supports flawless makeup applications, and blends perfectly allowing me to use it on all kinds of shoots… especially high definition.” Merry Lee Traum (Head Makeup Artist, The Glee Project)