Ferndale, MI — According to records kept by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more babies are born in August than any other month.* A lot of hemorrhoids may also make an appearance around then, as the weight of pregnancy, coupled with pushing during labor, may conspire to deliver an unwelcome hemorrhoid!!!

So, August and September may find you as a new and frazzled Mom, who is in pain every time she sits down. For women who are contemplating beginning a family, or adding to the current crew (statistics seem to indicate you’d be planning this around November or December), obstetricians often advise dealing with existing hemorrhoids before becoming pregnant, as they are difficult to treat successfully during pregnancy. If a hemorrhoid has popped up post-partum do see your doctor for treatment options.

In the meantime, to provide a measure of comfort visit your local drugstore and look for, or ask your pharmacist for, new RectiCare® (Lidocaine 5%) Anorectal Cream from Ferndale Healthcare®. RectiCare® Cream is a topical, local anesthetic, which contains the highest non-prescription lidocaine strength available. It works quickly to relieve pain, itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids and other anorectal disorders. And to help make life just a little bit easier, each tube of RectiCare® Cream comes with a supply of “finger cots,” little covers that fit over the finger. They promote hygienic application, since the finger (skin) doesn’t come into contact with the product or the area to which it’s being applied.

It’s pretty clear how you became pregnant, but not always clear about why some women develop hemorrhoids and others don’t. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase blood flow to the pelvis and relax supportive tissues, while the growing fetus causes increased pressure on blood vessels. During labor, hemorrhoids may develop because of the intense pressure on the anal area while pushing to deliver the baby. A hemorrhoid may be unavoidable, but caring for it is another matter. So, if your hemorrhoids are bothering you, get much needed relief with products like RectiCare® Cream. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please ask your doctor before use.

Available at drugstores without a prescription.

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*The summer has been the top season for births in the United States, according to records kept by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and August often wins the title as the month during which the most babies are born. In 2006, the most recent year for which statistics are available, August had the most U.S. births, just as it did in 10 of the previous 16 years, with the CDC estimating that 9 percent of all births occurred then. February had the least.